Welcome to QReate.me

QReate.me is an online service and API for generating and using QR and DataMatrix tags. You can use created tags freely in commercial applications and personal projects.

What makes us different?

  • Our API, based on HTTP and REST, allows you to create tags and access tag images and data directly from your app
  • Your tag can point to a URL, simple telephone number or a piece of text/XML
  • Our tags are updatable. Tag data is stored on our servers, not directly embedded. This means it can be updated after you have published a tag
  • Bulk tag creation (usage limits apply!)
  • Reporting – get a list of tags created, and scans for a tag

How can I create one?

Create a simple tag right now with our Tag Generator. Fill in the details and download your new tag!

Or use our HTTP REST based Tag API. If you're a new user, sign up here, we’ll send you an API key, and you’re away.

Case Studies

Tourist Information

Dynamically generated tags provide access to attractions, events, directions and more on a touchscreen interactive application

Video Jukebox

Music lovers scan a tag on a Video Jukebox and select a track on their mobile

Magazine Advertising

Magazine browsers can scan for product information and offers